Dr. Raluca Niesner

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Prof. Dr. Anja Hauser

Prof. Dr. Anja Erika Hauser

Professor for Immunodynamics
and Intravital Microscopy
Charité University Medicine Berlin
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Project summary:

Longitudinal multi-photon microscopy and microendoscopy: Quantifying and controlling communication and function of B lymphocytes in vivo

Intravital multi-photon microscopy is the most versatile technology enabling us to understand cellular dynamics and communication involving B lymphocytes in living organisms, both under physiologic and pathologic conditions. In the first funding period, we closely collaborated with partners in the CRC to answer key questions referring to B lymphocytes. Thereby, we established new evaluation algorithms, (P07, P16) and solved central technical challenges of the intavital multi-photon microscopy. We developed a permanent micro-endoscopic implant that allowed us to repeatedly image tissue at depths of more than 500 µm within the murine femoral bone marrow, at sub-cellular resolution, over months, helping us to monitor long-term dynamics of components of the long-lived plasma cell survival niche (P16). We achieved intravital spectral multiplexing (up to 8 chromophores) enabling us to study the orchestration of various immune subsets during germinal center reactions (C03, P03). As far as the tissue response to inflammation is concerned, we developed intravital marker-free and FRET-based fluorescence lifetime imaging approaches for functional tissue imaging with P17. This method revealed important links between antibody-induced oxidative stress memory and neuronal dysfunction in chronic neuroinflammation. Still, the limited imaging time-window of only several hours in other organs than the bone marrow and the difficulty to quantify tissue function and dysfunction prevent us from taking full advantage of the multi-photon technology in investigating the biology of B lymphocytes in vivo. In this respect, we currently develop approaches for non-invasive tissue access to monitor various immune responses in one and the same individual over months. They will allow us to monitor the inflamed kidney in a lupus model (P12, P15), the inflamed lung (P23), and lymph nodes transplanted to the ear to study germinal center development (P03, C03). Having established longitudinal imaging, we will adapt our marker-free and FRET-based functional imaging to gain additional information on the B lymphocytes involvement during chronic inflammation of the kidney (P12, P15) and in immunodeficiency (P07) as well as on B cell activation during germinal center (P03, P04) and germinal-center-like reactions (P12, P15, P17, P23) by monitoring tissue-related oxidative stress generation and intracellular calcium signaling in vivo.

Longitudinal multi-photon microscopy and microendoscopy: Quantifying and controlling communication and function of B lymphocytes in vivo
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